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Firmware requirement for Virtual Connect Flex-10 upgrade

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Firmware requirement for Virtual Connect Flex-10 upgrade

Ramu had a customer update question:




At one of the customer's place, 16 c7000 enclosures are installed with  BL460cG1 and BL680cG5. Currently VC 1/10 module is installed, customer  wants to replace all the VC modules with VC Flex-10 for better throughput..




Richard asked:




Better throughput defined how and by how much?  Do the BL460c G1s or the BL680c G5s have the LOM that will automagically go to 2.5 Gbit/s when connected to a Flex-10 module?  (I cannot recall) If not, the individual blades won't have their throughput increased by switching modules.  And the sum of their throughputs won't be more than 16 Gbit/s through each module (each direction), since that is how many 1GbE LOM ports will be going to each module. That is the upper limit on how much your customer can expect in an throughput increase - from 10 Gbit/s each way to 16 Gbit/s each way going from the one 10GbE uplink (IIRC) available in the VF1/10 to 2 or more uplinks in the Flex-10.


Unless, perhaps you were thinking but didn't mention mezz cards...




Steve also chimed in:




The BL460c G1 (and G5) have a NC373i (Broadcom 5708S) chipset, when connected to Flex-10 (or a 10Gb switch) they will link up at 2.5Gb.  So the embedded NICs on those servers will step up to 2.5Gb when Flex-10 is installed.  Also, keep in mind, that Windows 2003 will display as 2Gb, whereas ESX and Windows 2008 will display at 2.5Gb.


As for the BL680c G5, it has 4 NICs, TWO NC373i and a dual port NC326i.  I believe the two NC373 NICs would run at 2.5Gb, but not sure about the NC326i, but don't think so.


Also, if the servers are old, they may require a NIC fw upgrade to enable this functionality.




Other comments or input for Ramu?