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Flash update breaks IE when accessing VC

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Flash update breaks IE when accessing VC


Was looking to see if anyone else ran into an issue recently with the last Flash update, for Active X.

We have customers that are still on Windows 10 and use IE 11, while testing the new version of Flash I noticed that when you open Virtual Connect the Left Hand menu loads to 100% then the browser locks up and crashes. Throught testing I see this on 32 and 64bit machines and can confirm it's the update.

We were on VC 4.40 Firmware and upgraded to 4.61 to test and found the same issue.

Can anyone one else confirm they are seeing the same thing?

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Re: Flash update breaks IE when accessing VC

So apparently broke alot of stuff, including VMwares Flash GUIs.

There is a Flash Beta available here if anyone else is having the same issue.

It's either that or rolling back to


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Re: Flash update breaks IE when accessing VC

Facing the same issue after OCT month Adobe security update IE11 stopped working windows 10 x64 after loading VC 100%

Adobe version  AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash\ latest.

HP VCM 4.41

If anyone knows the solution please share Thanks in advance:)