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Flex 10 Uplink Port as an Access Port

Occasional Contributor

Flex 10 Uplink Port as an Access Port

Is it possible to connect a Virtual Connect Flex10 Blade Interconnect to an external HP ML Server? Cant I use the Flex 10 Uplink Ports as an access port for a external server?


Thanks in advance!

Hongjun Ma
Trusted Contributor

Re: Flex 10 Uplink Port as an Access Port

what's the purpose of connecting this ML server into Flex-10? So you can share Flex-10 uplink to go to access switch layer? If so, it's not gonna to work.


Flex-10 doesn't do switching between uplink ports. The moment you try to configure one vnet(vlan) to use multiple uplink ports and if these ports are not LACP bundled, VC will only enable one port as active and put others into blocking state in order to prevent loop.

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