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Flex10 VC LACP Configurations


Flex10 VC LACP Configurations



I've two stacked VC in a shared domain single enclosure, and there are two uplinks from each VC connected to HP A5120 SWs with IRF enabled like this.


VC01 X3 uplink >>>> HP A5120 SW01 XG1/1/1

VC01 X4 uplink >>>> HP A5120 SW02 XG1/1/1


VC02 X3 uplink >>>> HP A5120 SW01 XG1/1/2

VC02 X4 uplink >>>> HP A5120 SW02 XG1/1/2


The HP A5120 Switches are configured with IRF enabled:

IRF Port1: XG1/2/1 & XG1/2/2

IRF Port1: XG2/2/1 & XG2/2/2



The following uplinks on the HP IRF SWs are configured with static link aggregation "XG1/2/1 & XG1/2/2 & XG2/2/1 & XG2/2/2"


I've issues in communication between the blades behind the VC & servers behind the HP A5120 SWs.


On The VC domain, I see different LAG ID on these shared uplink sets:


Bay1 X3   25

Bay1 X4   24

Bay2 X3   26

Bay1 X4   25



AFAIK, these ports should have the same LAG ID, so i am thinking that this might be the problem, any idea why the LAG IDs are different?


could it because i am using static link aggr. instead of LACP?


any ideas will be much appreciated.





Hongjun Ma
Trusted Contributor

Re: Flex10 VC LACP Configurations

your cabling looks good. LAG ID should be the same for 2 ports on the same VC module.


did you ever take a look at VC/IRF integration guide on configuration and show verfication? you can find the pdf file link off my blog VC bookmark lists.

My VC blog: