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Flex10 and Gbec2

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Flex10 and Gbec2

Test scenario:  I have a c7000 with


1. Blc 460 G6 servers in each bay 9 and 10

2. Flex10 gb in interconnect bay 1

3. Gbec2 gb in interconnect bay 2

4. MSA2000 external array with ISCSI gigabit ports connected to uplink ports in Gbec2 (bay 2)


I see that the embedded NIC1 is mapped to the Flex10 and embedded NIC2 is mapped to the Gbec2.  I've configured virtual connect so that the G6s can ping each ther via their perspect NIC1 via the Flex10.


I would like to be able to connect the G6s to the MSA2000 via gbec2 without having to purchase additional stuff.  Is this possible?  

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Re: Flex10 and Gbec2

Hi Juniper27, point 4 states that you've already connected them? or is that just a wish list.

I've never seen a Flex10 & Gbec2 mixed this way, what are you planning to run on the blades? is your ultimate goal just fault tolerant storage in the msa2000?  The Flex10 will do iSCSI with correct GBIC, not sure which model of GBEC2 you have - is it utp or GBIC?


The OBA can normally display a graphic showing interconnections too, one problem I can see is trying to achieve fault tolerance/mpio over different media.  Are you running esx on the blades?



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Re: Flex10 and Gbec2

Mixing VC and non VC in horizontal bays is definitely not supported.

You could however move the GBe2 down to like Bay7 and use an external cable to link the Flex-10 and GBe2 together and then connect the storage to remaining ports on the GBe2.
Basically treats the GBe2 as an external switch that just so happens to use c7000 power.