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FlexFabric Firmware upgrade fail -> Dip switch?

Occasional Advisor

FlexFabric Firmware upgrade fail -> Dip switch?

I tried upgrading my newest Flexfabric from 3.15 to 3.30 using VCSU and it fails. The error in the log is "Module state for Bay 2 is 0. Expected state is 4". Now if I try to upgrade again it says "Previous Firmware update was not completed".

I'm out of ideas but one thing I've noticed on the FF Managment webpage is a setting that says Dip Switch 0x0 but nowhere can I find out what this does or how to change it? 

Bay 1 seems ok, only bay 2 has this error. The other issue is that I have stacking failure between Bay 1 and 2 whihc I assume is related (ie Bay 1 can't talk to bay 2 so can't sync firmware upgrade?

Any ideas?