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FlexFabric v3.70 Active/Active Configuiration to 3PAR

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FlexFabric v3.70 Active/Active Configuiration to 3PAR

Hi All,


Would be interested in commentsfrom someone that has done an Active/Active Configuration with a Flex Fabric to a SAN (would prefer 3par) and and active/active 10 GB connectors to Cisco.


This is a brand New purchase for our hosting platform and is 12 Blades fully max and populated going to 3par via brocade and ethernet via Cisco frun esx.


I dont want to limit the thought put in any way and after discussions with HP and my design they say yes thats cool no issue.


But I can't find any good examples of the flex fabric itself ie In the cook books they deal with active passive (I have the latest 3.7 fibre one for 3 par).


The active passive stuff is easy but have never done an active active.


So would love to hear from some folks that have.




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Re: FlexFabric v3.70 Active/Active Configuiration to 3PAR

I haven't had any issues.  I've got active/active going to Nexus 5k's and active/active going into Brocade.  Do you have 8Gb for the Brocades?  If so you need to make sure the fillword mode is set to 3 on those ports.  Watch your CNA firmware levels, make sure those are current.


It's really easy to set them up as active/active.  Create a fabric for interconnect 1 and put your fibre ports in it and do the same for interconnect 2.  Configure your vPC in Cisco, add the two links from the same interconnect to a Shared External Uplink Set and set the connection mode to Auto.


BTW - the FlexFabric Cookbook does cover active/active.  I'm looking at the 3.30/3.51 version and it's on page 143.