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FlexHBA Usage statistics

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FlexHBA Usage statistics

Ron had a customer question:




Customer has VC FlexFabric and utilizes the FlexHBA on the 554 FlexLOM.  They want a way to determine the amount of traffic being used by the FlexHBA as they are concerned they might not have allocated enough bandwidth to this particular function. 


I know that in VC 4.x there is some flexibility with this by using the min/max setting.  But they are not at 4.x and are dealing with a situation where they need to know how to do this now.




Help from Dan:




VCM v4.0 is also where we added the ability to monitor individual FlexNIC statistics as well, so that is ideally where they need to get to. (Well 4.10 anyway, it has bug fixes for 4.01 in it)


Best they could do today is to monitor the I/O from the server OS and also watch for Read/Write Queue Length on the SAN volumes.


High Queue length however simply points to delays in getting data to/from the SAN volumes, it does NOT determine that FlexFab is the problem.  Your SAN could be underperforming or the uplinks from VC could be maxed out due to the number of blades in the enclosure sharing that connection.  But the reverse, a low/steady Queue length is a good indicator the entire path from HBA/CNA to SAN Array is fairly healthy.




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