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FlexNics not visible in XenCenter (XenServer 5.6)

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FlexNics not visible in XenCenter (XenServer 5.6)



I installed Xenserver 5.6 on a HP Blade Server BL460c G1. The server has one additional Flex 10GB mezzanine card.  I installed HP 1/10GB Virtual Connect Ethernet module on bays 1 and 2, and on bays 3 and 4 I installed HP 10GB Flex VC module.

The problem ist that only 4 nics (2 LOM Nics and 2 FlexPort Nics)  are shown in XenCenter instead of 2 LOM Nics and 2 x 4 FlexNics.

In Virtual Connect Manager I see all 8 FlexNics. I installed the latest firmware for the modules and for Virtual Connect Manager.

Thanks for any help!


Trusted Contributor

Re: FlexNics not visible in XenCenter (XenServer 5.6)

! checked with the guys here. XenServer5.6 does support the FLex-10 capability. They also said that the NC522m mezz card does not support G1 servers, but the NC532m card does. Which are you using?


I also believe that you need to right-clip on the NIC setting to see additonal FlexNICs. They changed that Active-X control so that if you don't want to see un-used FlexNICs they don't show.

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Re: FlexNics not visible in XenCenter (XenServer 5.6)

I use the NC532m mezz card. In Virtual Connect Manager I see the FlexNics, in XenServer I don't see the FlexNics.

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Re: FlexNics not visible in XenCenter (XenServer 5.6)

I reinstalled XenServer 5.6 and now I see all 8 FlexNics and 2 LOM Nics. Cheers.


Re: FlexNics not visible in XenCenter (XenServer 5.6)

Glad you got it working. I finally got a chance to test it in the lab and saw no issues. The only time you may have an issue is when your using VC assigned MAC addresses and don't have all the networks assigned in VCM during XenServer installation. XenServer will still see the unassigned FLEX NICS and use the server MAC addresses; XenServer does not look for new hardware on boot so the newly assigned networks will never be discovered. To fix you have to use the "xe pif-" commands to forget and introduce the additional networks. This Citrix article explains how to use the commands