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For Virtual Connect-Fibre Channel ... multiple SAN Fabrics per module?

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For Virtual Connect-Fibre Channel ... multiple SAN Fabrics per module?

Charles just need some validation that the Virtual Connect - Fibre Channel would handle multiple SAN fabrics:




Blade buddies,


I remember reading (or thought I’d read) that the new VC-FC 20port module

would only support connecting to One FABRIC ... then someone told we that that

info was wrong (or had changed) ... Today I’m looking at the “VC Installation Worksheet” and reading

question :  “ 18. Will you be implementing multiple SAN Fabrics per module? “ it

made me wonder why we would care, unless the question only aims at better understanding

the complexity of the installation.

So my question becomes: “Are there differences between our VC-FC 20-port and

24-port offerings that we should care about, like maximum number of FABRIC supported ? ”.




Lionel was ready with what Charles needed:




Multiple fabrics are needed when you want to connect your Blades to multiple SAN domains, something usually found in most datacenters


Since VC 1.31 firmware we support multiple fabrics to be connected to a single VC-FC module, up to the number of available ports on the VC-FC model, i.e. 4 SAN fabrics from the VC-FC 20 ports and 8 from the VC-FC 24 ports.




Any comments? Are you using the VC-FC modules for multiple fabrics? Let us know how it works for you.