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Function of above product

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Function of above product

Hi Team,


HP VC Flex 10 enet module

HP VC 8gb 24 port fc module


HP GbE2c ethernet blade switch

HP 4GB fiber channel passthru module


Function of above product and how blade server takes Network card,how use this product.

I am new in this product, Please explain briefly.


Many Thanks in advance.



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Re: Function of above product

You could start here:

the first 2 modules are virtual connect, so consider to learn more about VC:


The third is a "normal" ethernet switch, the forth simple provides the mezzanine FC ports to outside (hence "pass-thru").

In fact each mezzanine card of a server is hard-wired to specific slots at the rear side of the blade enclosure, so the HBA and the interconnect must fit.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Function of above product



Just to expand on the documentation you might want to study is the C Class Enclosures manuals.


This will show you how the embedded NIC's (on Blades), Mezz 1, 2 and 3 "map" to the interconnects in the rear of the enclosures.


Interesting note on above if using BL460G8's as servers, You WILL only enable the second mezzanine connector if there is a second processor installed.