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Get the latest Virtual Connect FlexFabric Cookbook!

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Get the latest Virtual Connect FlexFabric Cookbook!

The purpose of this Virtual Connect FlexFabric Cookbook is to provide users of Virtual Connect with a

better understanding of the concepts and steps required when integrating HP BladeSystem and Virtual

Connect FlexFabric components into an existing network.


The scenarios in this Cookbook vary from simplistic to more complex while covering a range of

typical building blocks to use when designing Virtual Connect FlexFabric solutions. Although these

scenarios are shown individually, some scenarios could be combined to create a more complex and

versatile Virtual Connect environment, however, keeping in mind the difference between mapped and

tunneled VLANs, discussed later in this paper are mutually exclusive.


The scenarios as written are meant to be self-contained configurations and do not build on earlier

scenarios, with this you may find some repetition or duplication of configuration across scenarios.

This is not meant to be a complete or detailed guide to Virtual Connect FlexFabric, but is intended to

provide the reader with some valid examples of how Virtual Connect FlexFabric could be deployed

within their environments. Many additional configurations or scenarios could also be implemented.

Please refer to the following section for additional reference material on Virtual Connect, Flex-10 and



Virtual Connect FlexFabric Cookbook link.