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Getting the correct vSphere drivers for the Emulex CNA.

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Getting the correct vSphere drivers for the Emulex CNA.

There were some questions as to the correct Emulex iSCSI driver for the NC553i LOM on the G7 blades and the NC553m mezzanine adapter from Emulex:




Whilst I agree with the Emulex CNA firmware and network driver versions (f/w 4.0.360.15 and be2net ver 4.0.355.1), I am not so convinced that the iSCSI driver (be2iscsi) version is spot on.


Terri has indicated that the iSCSI driver version should be 4.0.317.0 but the be2iscsi driver version bundled in HP’s ESXi 5.0 image is actually 4.0.317.1.




So Hongjun tracked it down:




Thanks to Lawrence for pointing out this VMware ESXi 5.0 iSCSI driver 4.0.317.1. I reached out to Emulex team and they confirmed the following.


NC553/551 ESXi 5.0 iSCSI driver: 4.0.317.1

NC553/551 ESXi 4.1 iSCSI driver: 4.0.317.0


It’s really the same driver but had to be rebuild by VMware for 5.0 because of a problem that they had with one of our source files.


Emulex will reach out to Vmware to correct their HCL list where they put 4.0.317.0 mistakenly under ESXi5.0




At the same time, we have incorrect doc errors on our side as well that needs to be corrected. Two places I can think of


1) CloudSystem Matrix recommended version for ESXi5.0




2) Individual G7 blade driver download for ESXi5.0




Hope this helps. Any questions or comments?

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Re: Getting the correct vSphere drivers for the Emulex CNA.

Additional info from Hongjun:




Last week HP released firmware 4.0.360.15b to This firmware addresses the issue discussed in the customer advisory below.


For customers impacted with this issue it is important that they use the 4.0.360.15b firmware image available on (link below) to upgrade any bl460c G7 blade servers that is or has experienced this issue.


Please note: Inside this 4.0.360.15b installer package, it’s still the 4.0.360.15 firmware. It was rev’ed up from 15a to include the fixes to the installer to solve the issues listed in the CA.