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HBA not logging in to SAN Fabric via FlexFabric 20/40 F8

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HBA not logging in to SAN Fabric via FlexFabric 20/40 F8


one of our customers has a new c7000 enclosure with BL460 G9 Blades. The enclosure has 2 FlexFabric 20/40 F8 Virtual Connect modules (FW 4.50). The blades have 630FLB Adapters. LOM1:1-b and LOM1:2-b are configured as FlexHBAs and have factory-assinged WWNs.

The Fabric Uplinks are connected using Ports X5 and X6. Both ports of Bay 1 are connected to one fabric, both ports of the Bay 2 are connected to another fabric. The SAN Switches are Brocade 5100 running FOS 7.4.1 . The SAN Ports are NPIV-capable and enabled and have Fill-Word 3 set. The uplinks are online and in VC manager I can see the WWN of the connected SAN switches.

But no FC NPIV device logs into the SAN. All I can see are the Port WWNs of the FlexFabric Ports (e.g. 20:04:00:11:0a:04:7e:80). The port should be reporting the number of NPIV devices, but there are none logging in. I've tried disabling/enabling the ports and running a redistribute on VC manager.

Running a nodefind command in the SAN for the WWPN of the HBAs returns nothing. I don't see these devices anywhere in the SAN. The Server Adapter port reports not logged in.

Any ideas as to what is going wrong here?

Thanks in advance.



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Re: HBA not logging in to SAN Fabric via FlexFabric 20/40 F8

Have you installed OS on this servers or they are disabled?