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HP 1/10Gb VC - Some questions

Regular Advisor

HP 1/10Gb VC - Some questions

Hi to all

I'm evaluating the HP 1/10Gb VC for an iSCSI SAN connection.

I know that is possible to stack multiples VC modules in multiple enclosure by simply adding a stacking cable (like the CX4)


Let's assume a configuration with 2 C7000 enclusure and 21/10Gb VC each.

VC in enclosure1,slot1 will be stacked automatically with VC in enclosure1,slot2

I'll do the same on the second enclouse.


Now, by manually stacking both enclosures with 4 CX4 cables, will I be able to use all 32 gigabits ports (8 from each VC) from every blades in every enclosure? how many NIC will be seen by each blades?

Will be possible to create an LAG link using multiple ports from multiples VCs from multiple enclousure archievign performance and fault tollerance?