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HP BL680c VLAN Configuration

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HP BL680c VLAN Configuration

Hi all,


I have an HP BL680c server with 6 Embeded ethernet network ports, & I want to install ESXi5 host .

The balde enclosure has 2 virtual connect switch gbe2c on bay1 & bay2.


Is it possible to configure 8 Vlans on the blade server?

Taha Tungekar
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP BL680c VLAN Configuration

Hi Kamel,


The GbE2c is not a virtual connect module. You will not be able to perform NIC partitioning on the network cards with these modules.


For NIC partitioning features, you need to have HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric, HP Virtual Connect Flex-10, or Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D Modules. You can find out more about virtual connect here:


Hope this helps.



Occasional Advisor

Re: HP BL680c VLAN Configuration

Hi Taha


I used the HP Virtual Connect 1/10 GB Ethernet Module on bays 1 & 2. I created Multiple VLANs on a single switch in order to allow Multi-Vlans on a single NIC & It was working fine.

The problem that I had in this module is that i can only see 2 ethernet ports from the 6 embedded ports for the BL680c. I added new ports from the Add button, but the ports were not showing any mapping regarding bays 1 & 2.


That's why I used back the GbE2c switch, which I configured on the multi-Vlans by enabling VLAN tagging on the ports, that were available this time ( 6 ports).

I tested the VLAN configuration & it was working. I assigned:

- port21 on the switch to 1st port of the blade

- port22 to 2nd port & port 23 to 3rd port


The same configuration was done on the second GbE2c switch on bay2.