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Re: HP Insight Manager/Virutal Connect Enterprise Manager

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HP Insight Manager/Virutal Connect Enterprise Manager

Hello Everybody,


I have a question about VCEM restoration.


Recently HP SIM was uninstalled in-turn VCEM and Insight Control also got uninstalled with it.


HP Insight Manager was installed on a Virtual Machine and it was not backed up. SIM database was not backed up either, so we don’t have a way to restore it from backups.


Can somebody please advise if we would be able to reconfigure VCEM without any outages?


One question I have is what options do I choose on the Domain Group creation window for Serial Number, WWN and MAC Addresses. I have


HP IM/VCEM version installed is 7.1. There are 3 enclosures which will be managed by the VCEM. Each enclosure has its own VC Domain.


Hope somebody might be able to answer this question…


Please let me know if you need any more information.




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Re: HP Insight Manager/Virutal Connect Enterprise Manager

Do you know how it was setup in the first place?


When you remove the external manager and define the MAC, WWN and VSN the already configured profiles won’t be affected or suffer any change, these settings will apply only for the future assigned profiles while not managed by VCEM.


You will have to remove the lock that is on the domain before you can import it.  I've been through the process and it won't take anything down, the idea of it is a lot scarier that the actual implementation.  Here are the instructions I got from HP support:


  1. Do a telnet session with the Virtual Connect module from the domain in question.
  1. Issue command show external-manager, and verify if the external-manager is set to false or true on the last column.
    1. If false, issue command set external-manager username=xxxx enabled=true. (where xxx is the value showed from prior command under usename column)
    1. If external-manager is enabled and still cannot manage the domain then go ahead and remove the domain from VCEM by following the instructions  from page 102:
    1. Import the domain into a VCDG.




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Re: HP Insight Manager/Virutal Connect Enterprise Manager

This is what we ended up doing.


There were no outages/issue. It was not the original configuration but atleast there had been no outages/issues with this procedure.


[1] Disabled and Removed the external manager lock for the VCM's.


[2] Backed up a VCM configurations.


[3] Imported each VC domain to a VC domain group (We were not sure if importing all VC domains into a single VC Domain Group would overwrite the existing configurations when you start importing the 2nd and 3rd VC domains and so on). So to be on the safe side we made sure each VC domain was imported into it own VC domain group.


After the above procedure was completed there was no direct way to copy server profiles across VC domains. This was overcome by copying the server profile to the same VC domain and then moved them to other VC Domain Groups.