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HP Network Config Utility - MAC Addresses

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HP Network Config Utility - MAC Addresses

Mary was looking for some NIC teaming help:




We are seeing some instances where a blade with teamed NICs gets moved from 1 VC domain to another VC domain but still holds onto the old MAC address.  I didn’t see anything in the HP knowledge base about that.  Have you seen that before?




From Lee:

This is normal behavior.


For the NIC teaming functionality to work, the Network Configuration Utility (NCU) must create one MAC address to use even though there are two physical NICs.


So when the server is moved to another enclosure, even if a new VC server profile is applied to the server, the new MAC addresses are not picked up by the NCU, which is still using the old MAC address.


The procedure to remedy this is simply to break the team, do a re-scan so that NCU picks up the new MACs that have been assigned by the new VC profile, and re-team.


Sorry, I do not know of any HP Knowledge Base article regarding this.


The scenario is the same for a rack mount server like a DL380, if the motherboard is replaced.  This is because the new motherboard will have integrated NICs with new MAC addresses.  The NCU will not automatically check for any MAC address changes. 


That’s my understanding of this situation.


From Carl:

Teaming has worked this way forever. When imaging - or in this instance changing the server profile - you always have to break the team and re-team to get the correct MAC address in the config.




Any other comments or questions? A link to NIC teaming info: