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HP OneView, moving from 1GbE SFP's to 10 GbE SFP+'s

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HP OneView, moving from 1GbE SFP's to 10 GbE SFP+'s

Rick had a customer question when moving to HP OneView with Virtual Connect modules:




A large customer bought 4 Blade Enclosures, each with the Blade Startup Service and Blade Network startup service, they also bought HP OneView.


Interconnects are VC FlexFabric.


Right now they don’t have the 10GbE network switches in place to support the interconnects, what we’re wondering is, in the “interim”, use the 1GbE RJ-45 SFP’s to get 1 GbE connectivity to the enclosures, then later move to 10GbE. How difficult of a move would that be? (to go from using the 1GbE SFP’s to 10’s)?


Is this going to be a potential issue with OneView? (would it just be a matter of changing out the SFP’s to 10GbE, with no changes to OneView)?


Thanks in advance,




Multiple replies:


From Vincent:

It shouldn't be any different from VC classic. If you're using the same uplink ports, just taking out a 1Gb transceiver and putting a 10Gb one in, there's no need to touch the configuration in OneView, the uplink speed is not part of the LIG Config. The 10Gb link would become active as soon as the physical link is up and it would not form a LACP group with a link at 1Gb in the same uplink set if there is one.


More input from Chris:

Correct.  OneView doesn’t collect the uplink port type any differently than VCM does.  You can swap the transceivers out on the fly.  If they are an Active/Standby configuration, start with the Standby ports first, then go to the other side.  If they have an A/A config (provided in the OneView 1.05 release), it doesn’t matter which side they start with.  Just make sure they do this during non-peak hours to minimize any potential bandwidth impact.




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