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HP VC Flex-10 with EMC VNX 5500 and VM 4.1


HP VC Flex-10 with EMC VNX 5500 and VM 4.1

Anyone have any issues with HP FLEX10 card connecting to a EMC SAN?

We have issue's with hosts not responding, Latency when accessign disk.

Have spoke to VM and EMC support everything looks good from their end.


We have 2 enclosures both c7000, Enclosure 1 has no issue, Enclosure 2 has flex 10 card *only difference and all servers on this enclosure encounter issues.

We moved a blade from Enclosure with issue's to old enclosure and it runs fine.


HP VC Flex-10 Enet Module 3.18


Hongjun Ma
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP VC Flex-10 with EMC VNX 5500 and VM 4.1

Flex10 is pure ethernet module. which storage protocol do you use? iscsi? are servers G6 or G7 servers?
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