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HP VC SAN Switch | New C7000 Enclosure | Help Needed !!!

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HP VC SAN Switch | New C7000 Enclosure | Help Needed !!!

Hello guys ! 

We are in middle of implementation of new C7000 enclosure along with SAN switch.  

Storage operation team has some concerns and question around it, and we are stuck :( .

Usually, when they need to plug an access-gateway switch on a standard Brocade switch, they check that the switch is not configured in switch mode, but in access gateway mode in order to have NPIV. They also check that there is no domain ID overlapping.

We need to be sure that the switch is configured in NPIV mode, as they are not comfortable with the "HybrideMode" that is reported.(bold and underlined below) 

HOSTNAME #> show config switch

Configuration Name: default

Switch Configuration Information
TransparentMode True
HybridMode Auto
AdminState Online
BroadcastEnabled True
InbandEnabled False
FdmiEnabled True
FdmiEntries 1000
DefaultDomainID 1 (0x1)
DomainIDLock False
SymbolicName VCFCMY55240007
PrincipalPriority 254
ConfigDescription Default Config
ConfigLastSavedBy xxxxxxxx
ConfigLastSavedOn Wed Jan 13 10:28:37 2016


HOSTNAME #> show domains

Principal switch is (local): 10:00:74:46:a0:71:25:f8

Domain ID List:
Domain 1 (0x1 ) WWN = 10:00:74:46:a0:71:25:f8


HOSTNAME #> show fabric

Domain *1 (0x01)
WWN xxxxxxxxx
SymbolicName HOSTNAME 
EthIPv4Address xxxxx
EthIPv6Address xxxxxx

* indicates principal switch

Valued Contributor

Re: HP VC SAN Switch | New C7000 Enclosure | Help Needed !!!

Since no one responded in this, let me reply to my own question  !

By default, HP VC SAN switch will act as Pass-Through to SAN Switch - no configuration is needed at C7000/HP VC end, and all configuration related to NPIV needs to be done at SAN Switch level.