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Re: HP VC not all ports can see the network

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HP VC not all ports can see the network

HP c7000 chassis with 2 HP VC 10/10D modules. Each module has 5 SFp 1 GB rj-45 going back to trunk ports or vlan a port on a cisco switch.

I created my SUS and vlan tag nic groups for each port.

It seems i can only have a total of 8 nic's to each blade server. Ports 1 and 2 in each VC can see the network and send traffic out and back to the VM guest images. Ports 3,4,5 will not send traffic out. VC manager show them as linked and active but wont route traffic out of them. Cisco switch shows them connected and link is active.

Tried these ports in a cisco switch tied to a normal Vlan and not a trunk port same issue. No network traffic will route out of these ports (no internet and cant ping IP or server). They have a mac address and show they are mapped in VC manager but what ever is setup I cant see my network at all. Ports 1 and 2 are the only ones that will route traffic. I have HP stupmed and Vmware stumped as they both verified my build and setup are correct.


HP has stated with 5 SFp's in each VC I should have a total of 20 nic's available (10 per VC) to each blade. Thats not the case only 8 nics ( total of both VC's) will register a to a port and get a MAC address in the VC.


What am I missing?


Re: HP VC not all ports can see the network


This looks to be some configuration issue .Please refer VC cookbook to check the configuration 

If this doesnt help, please get an HPE consultant involved 

Thank You!
I am an HPE employee
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