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HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 Uplink

Aamir Majeed

HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 Uplink


I have C7000 enclosure and 2 HP VC Flex-10 Ethernet module. some limitation is being faced i have only one 10G uplink cable. Is it possible by connecting only one uplink cable on switch 1 we can connect both NIC 1 and NIC 2 of the bladeservers. As per my understanding both adjacent Switches are internally connected via signal midplane of enclosure and these can be stacked together without plugging any external cable.


Please suggest.



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Re: HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 Uplink

I have asked our Blades Specialists to respond.


I don't believe that the stacking links allow you to simply route traffic from one module to the other. You would typically see that as an "active-standby" configuration. If you decide to do NIC teaming and then have an "active-active" mode but that requires the uplinks to be on separate VC modules. I will see what the experts say.

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Re: HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 Uplink

Yes, if you create a single vNet or Shared uplink set using teh 10Gb uplink, you can then connect both NICs from a server to that network, the NIC on module 2 will use the cross connect to access the uplink.