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HP Virtual Connect Groups and port monitoring


HP Virtual Connect Groups and port monitoring

We use 5 enclosoures in a HP VC domain group, managed by VC Enterprise Manager. We are very disappointed, because on one enclosure, we wanted to create a local port mirroring/monitoring configuration, and now it seems we NEED to keep the whole system (ie. the 5 enclosures) in maintenance mode while the port mirroring is configured. If we leave maintenance mode after configuring port monitoring locally on one enclosure, the system gives a SYNC error and refuses to sync config to the other enclosures. Is this by design ? nice....


Re: HP Virtual Connect Groups and port monitoring

Our only option now is to break up the virtual connect domain group, and put each enclosure in a seperate group.

Therefore rendering HPVCEM and the "config synchronisation" between enclosures in the same group, useless....


FEATURE REQUEST: HP Virtual Connect Groups and port monitoring

We want to be able to configure a port monitoring session in a HP VC Enterprise Manager environment WITHOUT keeping the HP VC group in maintenance mode for this.

The port monitoring configuration is a completely local configuration (to the enclosure), so it should be possible to configure this with HP VC Manager and then exit maintenance

Mode and keep the monitoring running, without giving errors or without blocking the other chassis’ from being configured.

The “design” today is useless, as it basically prevents you from configuring permanent monitor sessions. Permanent monitor sessions are required if you need to

do IPS / IDS or other kinds of data/database monitoring required by regulatory instances. In-line is also not an option inside enclosures.

(and we don't want to use the workaround: break up your virtual connect group and put each enclosure in their own individual VC group, because that would render the use of groups useless (and also prevent easy profile migration)