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HP Virtual Connect (VC) and CISCO VSS

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HP Virtual Connect (VC) and CISCO VSS

A customer question from Basil:





I have a customer who was connecting the virtual connect to CISCO Network switches in active/active configuration.

SUS_A is connected to Switch_A and SUS_B is connected to switch_B. everything was going fine


the customer upgrade his switch and use the VSS features, however he got a problem with the switch that was resolved by removing the connectivity from one side of the Virtual connect.


Whenever he connect that link, the traffic is increased in that port like going into a network loop


Do we support VSS configuration with virtual connect? If so, any idea about the above issue.




Input from Javeed:




Cisco VSS is supported on VC, refer page 19, review the topology carefully for network loop.




And info from Dan:




Also remind them they need to configure the Port Channel as Mode Active or Mode Passive to get LACP.

Default bonding mode for Catalyst switches is PAGP which is Cisco Proprietary.