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HP Virtual connect login issues

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HP Virtual connect login issues

Hi Guys,


I have a HP Virtual connect 10/10D module connected to C7000 enclosure.


It is connected to each of the 2 servers present in the enclosure as follows:


eth0 -- X1 (Bay1, Bay2) -- OAM switch                  ----------> Operation and Maintenance Network

eth1 -- X2 (Bay1, Bay2) -- Traffic SW1                  ----------> Traffic Network-1

eth2 -- X3 (Bay1, Bay2) -- Signalling SW1           ----------> Signalling Network -1

eth3 -- X4 (Bay1, Bay2) -- Signalling SW2           ----------> Signalling Network -2

eth4 -- X5 (Bay1, Bay2) -- Traffic SW2                  ----------> Traffoc Network-2


So I have two problems here:


1. Whenever I try to login to Stanby VC flex module, it always takes me to Active VC flex module (kind of a redirection)

2. I am doing a redundancy test on VC flex modules : 


Case 1:


I pull out all cables from active VC flex (say vc flex 1) . I can see that traffic is being handled by passive VC flex (VCflex2)without any problem -- SUCCESS


Case 2:


In the same VC flex module (with cable disconnected) , I am switching off the VC module (using the enclosure interconnect virtual option). Now, I can see that my traffic stops being handled by the virtual connect module.



I raised a case with HP and they asked me to check Active -- Active scenario. The same thing holds for the Active -- Active scenario as well. Whenever I switch one HP VCflex off, the whole traffic stops being processed by the module.


Thanks in advance..