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Re: HP Virtual connect

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HP Virtual connect



We have 2 x HP VC-Flex-10 Enet Mdules in our C7000 chassis running in active /standby mode.

Currently we have Bay 1 X3 and X4 and Bay 2 X3 and X4 linked to a shared uplink set.

I am trying to setup a new network to present to the blades (BL360 gen8) so i have

  1. created a new network set
  2. Mapped it to an existing shared uplink set
  3. Given it a VLAN ID (not native), and assigned it to the only Network access group. we use.

However, under Ethernet networks > External Connections, the In-Use colum still shows No. and under under Ethernet networks > Server connections, the new network is not listed there. 

Could someone let me know if i am missing a step here?






Re: HP Virtual connect

OK, so i was missing a step.  I performed the additional step of going to connections > server profiles > bay 4 > and added in the new ethernet adapter. I added it in twice as the previous ones appear to have been done that way too.  However after i apply they are showing not mapped.  I must be doing something wrong, I have attached some photos, any help appreaciated.


Ethernet networks.JPGVirtual connect Server profile.JPGVirtual connect Server profile bay 4.JPG




Re: HP Virtual connect

This is with regards Ethernet Adapter Connections screenshot the Network Name (EN-Production2 and EN-Production2) was showing Not Mapped because under network connection both embedded network adapter ports (2 physical embedded port x 4 Virtual ports = 8 Virtual ports) are already added and by default they are mapped to Bay 1 and Bay 2 interconnect modules (VC Flex-10).

 Note: Virtual Connect FlexFabric provides up to four physical functions for each blade server adapter network port. All four connections can have their hardware personalities defined by the System Administrator as FlexNICs.

 However if you want to add more network connection for Bay 4 server profile, you need to install mezzanine card and corresponding interconnect module in Bay 3 and 4 for more connections.

 Please refer C7000 enclosure port mapping.

 Port Mapping.jpg


Please refer HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric Cookbook (Page Number 114 to 128) for Shared Uplink Set with Active/Standby Uplinks configuration for more information.


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Re: HP Virtual connect

Hi, after some more testing, i came to the same conculsion that i had reached a limit, however i managed to get around it by using the multiple networks method under the ethernet connections under each bay.