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HPE Virtual Connection Manager

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HPE Virtual Connection Manager


We try to add new VLANs via cli to a Server Profile. Is this even possible?
Via gui we make this by Connections -> Server Profiles -> Ethernet Adapter Connections -> Multiple Networks... Edit -> and drag and drop the new vlan.
Is this also possible via an ssh Connection? And how is the right command to do that?
We have the VLANs for two Bays with the same VLAN ID.
We have two entries with the Name Multiple Networks in Ethernet Adapter connections, so we can't distinguish the Networks by Name.

In the Forums we found something like this
vcemcli -add server-port-map -profilename TestProfile -portnumber 3 -network Backup-VLAN-2003A -vlanid 2003 
But we are not sure if this makes what we want.

We tried this documentation  on page 103 and found the following command
->add server-port-map-range MyProfile:1 UplinkSet=MyUplinkSet1 VLanIds=101-124,214
Adds multiple networks to a server-port-map

We hope our explanation is understandable

Some help would be gladly appreciated