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Hosting classified and unclassified data in same Virtual Connect environment

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Hosting classified and unclassified data in same Virtual Connect environment

An interesting question from a customer that Fredy is working with:






This is fairly wide open question but I am searching for answers to the following question:

"Does HP have any customers, preferably DoD, that are hosting unclassified and classified systems/data in a single virtual environment using logical controls to keep the data separate?


The Customer indicates they have seen a couple white papers (not sure what White Papers) that state this can be done, but would like to know of an example where it is actually being done. I am sure we can go into any customer specific implementations but any ideas, pointers to documentation sample designs, etc. appreciated!




Input from Mark:




Beginning in VC 4.30 - We introduced Partial Stacked Domains.

So you have 3 options, Full Stacking is the only thing we had with VC 4.20 or earlier.

Now you can you physically separation by using Horizontal Stacking. Just an option.


Bay 1 and Bay 2 using LOM could be Classified

Bay 3 and Bay 4 using MEZZ 1 could be Un-classified.


To configure the domain stacking mode, select one of the following:

  • Full Stacking is the default stacking mode for the VC domain. In Full Stacking, all Ethernet modules

within the domain are connected by horizontal cross connects or by stacking cables.


  • Horizontal Stacking disables all vertical stacking links. In horizontal stacking mode, each horizontal

bay pair is a separate logical interconnect. For example, if bay 1 and bay 2 are populated, they form

a logical interconnect.


  • Primary Slice Stacking disables all stacking links outside of the primary slice. The primary slice is the

primary and standby interconnect modules for the enclosure. In primary slice stacking, the primary slice

is a logical interconnect.




Other comments?