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How can I get Virtual Connect port statistics value via SNMP?

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How can I get Virtual Connect port statistics value via SNMP?

Shigeru had a question on getting Virtual Connect port statistics:




Hello experts,


My customer wants to get VC port statistics value especially dot3InPauseFrames/dot3OutPauseFrames via SNMP, but so far with no luck. Does anyone know the OID of VC port statistics?




Input from Dan: 

The EtherLike MIB in our Mib Kit (at least 9.40 which is most recent I had) doesn't seem to have this.


Reply from Shigeru: 

but unfortunately, VC doesn't reply dot3PauseTable ( via snmp get. So I think VC doesn't support EthernetLike MIB (RFC2665). Could you verify that?


From Vincent:

You appear to be correct. The dot3PauseTable is defined in RFC 2665 and 3635 which are not in the list of MIBs that VC claims to support (VC User Guide page 32-33).


Depending on what you really want to do, recent versions of the VC firmware can report a vcModulePortProtectionStatus in the vcModulePortTable that tells you whether the pause flood condition has been detected on a port. This is in the VC Module MIB.


From Dan:

VC doesn't report InPauseFrames/OutPauseFrames via SNMP. VC does not support Ethernet-Like MIB.

Stating the obvious, we do report port rfc2665_Dot3InPauseFrames and rfc2665_Dot3OutPauseFrames via VCM CLI/GUI.




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