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How to avoid duplicated MAC and WWN range of Virtual Connect

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How to avoid duplicated MAC and WWN range of Virtual Connect

Nelson had a question :




Other than using VCEM, what is the usual practice for enterprise customer to avoid duplicated MAC and WWN range selection in VC setup?  Can you share how your customer manage these virtualized addressing?




Reply from David:




Without VCEM, it’s a manual process.  Whether than means paper, a spreadsheet or a database, it’s still manual.  I’d say most I’ve run into use a spreadsheet to track.




Input from Chris:




Further to David’s comment, it is important that the domain of allocation control is correctly established. 


The natural domain of allocation control for MAC addresses will be the data center or if they use Layer 2 stretched bridged networks then it is the set of data centers that the stretched bridged network spans.


For WWNs it is similar.  The SAN fabrics spanning multiple data centers for replication should be considered one domain of control.


Very often it is just 2 data centers.   I have a customer with two data centers who adopted a useful convention of allocating even range numbers for one DC and odd ones for the other DC.  In my view it is also useful to allocate the same range number for MAC and WWNs ranges for the same enclosure. 


The records of ranges are still kept manually of course – typically as a spreadsheet.




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