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How to move the virtual connect blade profile.

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How to move the virtual connect blade profile.

Hi ,We have two c7000 enclosures in same same rack, now I need  to shuffle some blades in two enclosures. How to  move the Virtual connect blade  profile from one enclosure to Another other enclosures.  What are prerequisites for doing this task.





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Re: How to move the virtual connect blade profile.

There are a lot of it depends on this.


1) Do you have a stacked domain, which is 2 Enclosures in a single Virtual Connect domain?  I am guessing not. (Login to VC and look under upper left for Enclosures)


2) Are you using Virtual WWN/MAC/Serial function on either domain?  Or the factory option?



If you have a stacked domain, you can just unassign the profile from the blade in Enc A and re-assign to the blade in Enc B.  Very easy.


If you don't have a stacked domain, and you are NOT using Virtual Connect assigned WWN/MAC/Serial, you can't move the profile but you can easily re-create it on the other side, then move the blade and it will end up with the same profile when it gets there.

If you are running VC 3.30 or higher on the source enclosure, you can even go into the SSH console for VC and type SHOW CONFIG to get a dump of the entire config of VC.  There are about 6-10 lines that pertain to your 1 profile you have in mind and you can just grab those lines, adjust slightly if needed, and then paste them into the SSH console for the target VC domain.


If you are using VC Assigned WWN/MAC/Serial (any combination), then you can also re-create the profile, but you need to consult the CLI Guide for how to manually put in your WWN or MAC or Serial to match what they used to be so you don't have to change that stuff on the SAN/Network.



Hope that helps