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How to recover from an upgrade failure without destroying Domain configuration?

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How to recover from an upgrade failure without destroying Domain configuration?

Marc had some questions on how to work with Virtual Connect Manager to recover Domain Profiles:




Hello All,


I am working with a customer that was testing upgrading 2 enclosures from VCM 3.15 to VCM 3.17. In both instances of their tests they ended up destroying their domain config. I advised them to run the healthcheck in the future to ensure that all VC modules in the domain are In-Sync. I do not know if his VCM domain was in fact not In Sync as they did not run a healthcheck prior to running the upgrade, but that is my suspicion…His follow up questions  are:


“If you run the heath check and the VCM Configuration is not in sync how do you sync it? Is there a command that forces the modules to sync?”“ Also prior to power cycling the modules both of the VCs were reporting an error that they were not the primary VC and login was blocked. How would I get out of this condition without cycling the modules?”




Mark had some info for Marc:






Do you have a backup configuration file for this Domain? Virtual Connect Support Utility (VCSU) saves a backup config file in the local directory before starting the firmware update. That can be used to restore the domain.

I would like the backup configuration file if you can provide it to me.


My thoughts are in some cases it is taking longer than 3 minutes for the module in Bay 2 to become primary and is timing out and VCSU is aborting the Activation process.

It says actually 1 minute but that is a typo, it is 3 minutes.




Any other suggestions or help for Marc?


Rebooting a module at a time may have had more favorable results.