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How to set the date and time on Virtual Connect?

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How to set the date and time on Virtual Connect?

Lawrence had a question on setting time and date in the Virtual Connect modules:




I’ve looked through the user guide for Virtual Connect and there does not seem to be any means of setting the date and time on VC.  Is the date and time on VC obtained from the Onboard Administrator?


If so, how can the VC’s date and time be re-synchronised?  The reason why I ask is because I’ve set the OA’s date and time, but the VC does not appear to synchronise it’s date and time after the change in the OA;  I can see that the VC system log still uses old date and time values whenever a new entry appears in the VC system log.

This makes it difficult to do troubleshooting or correlating events when the date and time stamps are not correct.




Input from Mark:




If you update the time/date on the OA, it will not immediately be reflected in the VC Logs.


The OA will update ISMIC information on the VC modules on an Interval. Every 600 seconds VC request this. OA will update the ISMIC Block, the VC modules will read that ISMIC Block and set the Date/Time on the Modules in Kernel.

VC Logs will use the Date/Time of the Kernel.


It would likely take a few intervals for time/date to stabilize and completely sync between OA/VC. But again customers shouldn’t be changing the date/time very often if at all once system is running.