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ISCSI and Left Hand SAN, VC 2.33 and Virtual Connect Flex10

Trusted Contributor

ISCSI and Left Hand SAN, VC 2.33 and Virtual Connect Flex10

Pierre had a an iSCSI question:




Hey everybody,  hopefully a quick question , but customer wants to know the following: VC 2.33  Issue with configuration, presenting SAN via ISCSI -

Needs to know if traffic for ISCSI need to be on a particular LOM, 2 uplinks on each VC flex10 going to same Cisco switch, network ethernet fine, but iscsi not showing link in vmware, all vc shows linked...

SAN is lefthand,  Switch is Cisco Ethernet 6716

BL685 G6 - VMWARE ESX 4i latest driver  


Note: All of the  traffic for iscsi and ethernet go to the same switch, is this feasible?


Any whitepapers or process / guides available?




Vincent replied:




iSCSI traffic with a software initiator is no different than other TCP/IP traffic and totally indistinguishable for VC. The guide to follow would be VMware’s iSCSI guide. Can you expand on “iscsi not showing link in vmware” ?




Are you using iSCSI SAN? How are they working for you?