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In a Configuration Activity: Cannot get past the Domain Name Screen, VC 2.33

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In a Configuration Activity: Cannot get past the Domain Name Screen, VC 2.33

Joe had a customer question on Virtual Connect 2.33:




I am extending my request to an additional audience.  The configuration still thinks it has left over info from a domain configuration.  We have moved the VC 1 and 2 to slots 7 and 8, no help.  We are trying it again but will put only bay 1 back in to start.  After the import when we have a chance to change the domain name, the apply button is grayed out.  If we stop and go to the Virtual Connect Manager Network Setup Wizard and the  Define Shared Uplink Port Set screen, we cannot select a link to add to the uplink set.  We can see the link to add to the uplink set but we can not add it.


Another thing we are seeing is on the HP Virtual Connect Domain Setup Wizard screen we are seeing a third button stating to some effect, Do we want to recover a previously saved domain?  We are trying to get rid of all and any domain information to begin a new configuration.  We still think we have domain information we cannot get rid of!


One person has suggested using CLI to delete the domain configuration information but I can not find any command information.  What is the most reliable method of removing any and all domain configuration information?


Thanks for any assistance,




Angel had info:




Hi Joe,


SSH to the active VC module, and issue a “delete domain –quiet” from the CLI.  Hopefully this will clear

things for you.  Please advise as to whether this helps or not.  Regards,




Other comments? It must have worked as we have not had any more input from Joe regarding this issue.