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Independent Hardware iSCSI offload for 650FLB


Independent Hardware iSCSI offload for 650FLB

Steve had an issue:




Hi all,

    I have a customer that is attempting to use iSCSI offload (which I believe is also known as independent hardware iSCSI) to work in an ESXi 5.5 environment.  VMware’s website shows that the 650FLB is supported as an independent hardware iSCSI NIC, but they are not having any success. 


Thanks in advance,





Dan answered:




Independent HW iSCSI (Emulex) will only show in the Storage Adapters section and not the Network Adapters screen (thus Independent of OS)

They will need to CTRL+E or whatever during boot (Legacy BIOS Mode), which in UEFI mode is really F8 and then navigate down to the Emulex card and enable the iSCSI Storage Personality and the iSCSI IP/GW/Mask/etc from there.  If iSCSI Boot, then you need even more info filled out.


I heard someone yesterday mention a weird issue with USB3 being enabled causing some issue with 650s as well, so just for grins, turn that off in F9 under USB Options as well.  Not going to hurt anything by not having it.