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Interconnect Outage

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Interconnect Outage

Hi All,


I have 2 Flex 10 interconnects in Bay 1 and 2. Each has 2 uplinks to upstream switches. Each of these uplinks per interconnect goes to both switches, so:


Interconnect 1 Port 1 - Upstream switch 1

Interconnect 1 Port 2 - Upstream switch 2

Interconnect 2 Port 1 - Upstream switch 1

Interconnect 2 Port 2 - Upstream switch 2


On the upstream switch side, we are configured for VPC. On the virtual connect side, the SUS's show all links as Linked-Active

All the way to my VMs I have configured redundancy, i.e. a VMNIC that belongs to LOM1 and LOM2, goes into the vSwitch which the PortGroup my VM resides in. Both VMNICs are also configured as Active for the vSwitch.


Now, when I pull an interconnect from the chassis, I'm losing pings to my Virtual Machines for around 90 secs until network connectviity is restored... is this normal? Then when re-inserting the interconnect, I get another outage for around the same time and then connectivity is restored.

Any ideas? 

Regular Advisor

Re: Interconnect Outage


Did you configure ethernet channel on the switch side?

How many SUS you have?

Try to identify the primary VC and start removing the secondary and see the result.

Try to failover the VC manager manually without removing the module and see if still get disconnected.



msh_it | UAE | AbuDhabi

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