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Interconnect mismatch on purpose

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Interconnect mismatch on purpose

Meg had an interesting customer question:




I have a customer that is going to be putting a Procurve 6120 G/XG in bays 7 and 8, but only put a two port nic in mezz slot 2.  (There are other interconnects in the other bays and cards in the 1st mezz slot, not important for this question.  They have their reasons for this “probably unsupported config”.)


Anyway, the question I have is, since the bays 7 and 8 are meant for the 4 port nic in mezz slot 2, are they going to get an alarm mismatch on the LCD panel and in the Onboard Administrator?  I assume yes.  And is there any way to suppress it?




Eirik asked:




Hi Meg.


Why would they do this ?


Is there anything in bay 5-6 ? if not they won’t connect anywhere afaik.


But then again, you won’t get a mismatch either since no module nor mezz can see each other.




Meg replied:




Yes, they have all the interconnects and mezz slots filled.  The extra set of switches are because the customer this is being placed in (my customer is the OEM), won’t allow top of rack switches, so they want to use these switches as “internal top of rack switches” because they have storage devices that needs to be plugged into an extranal switch and there is a distance limitation.  While it is a very unusual solution, it has been validated by technical folks from HP on the customer’s acct team to be technically possible.


I just want to make sure that there won’t be a blaring yellow or red screen on the front of the enclosure.




Monty provided some input:




The BladeSystem Onboard Administrator will only report interconnect mismatches on different technology types between server embedded NICs or mezz cards and interconnects. 


There is no error when either server mezz ports are connected to empty interconnect bays or interconnect bays occupied with no corresponding server connections.




Good luck Meg!! Any other input or suggestions for Meg??