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BladeSystem Virtual Connect
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Is Virtual Connect (VC) supported bays 5,6 of a C7000enclosure?

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Is Virtual Connect (VC) supported bays 5,6 of a C7000enclosure?

Michal had a Virtual Connect question:




My customer asked me whether the configuration below is supported by HP.

In most guides VC must be placed in bay 1.

What is your opinion?


bay 1: pass thru 1Gb
bay 2: pass thru 1Gb
bay 3: pass thru 1Gb
bay 4: pass thru 1Gb
bay 5: Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D
bay 6: Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D
bay 7: empty
bay 8: empty




Reply from Dave:

 VCManager is usually run from bays 1 & 2.

With a recent version of code this is now supported to run in any bay.


I am not sure of the version that this was implemented but it was around the 3.x code.


Mark also answered:

It would have been in VC 3.01 called Primary Bay pair feature.

When creating a new domain, the lowest VC Bay Pair will become “Primary/Backup”.

In this case, the lowest Bay pair is 5/6 .


So even later down the road, if VC modules are placed in lower bays, the 5/6 will always be primary/backup until domain is deleted.


If you begin with VC modules in Bay 3/4/5/6 then Bay 3/4 would be the lowest pair and those modules would be primary/backup.





Other comments or questions?



This will work in the latest code of 4.10.

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Re: Is Virtual Connect (VC) supported bays 5,6 of a C7000enclosure?

Just to clarify? ...So the blades in enclosure would HAVE to have the Mezzanine 10GbE cards in slot that maps to bays 5 and 6.