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Is it possible to hide/remove FlexNICs in Windows Server?

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Is it possible to hide/remove FlexNICs in Windows Server?

A question from Don on hiding Virtual Connect FlexNICs.






Is it possible to hide unused/unmapped Flex nics in windows server 2008.  The customer is only using a single set (Lom1a, Lom2A) at the full 10G in the server profile but still sees the additional nics in the windows system.  They do not want to see these and they are looking for a definitive opinion/guide on if this is possible to not have these show up.






Reply from Vincent:

Yes, it's possible with VC firmware version 4.10 you have an option to "Hide unused FlexNICs" in a server profile


And input from Mark:

If you upgraded from VC 4.01 or earlier to VC 4.10 or later and the profiles existed, checking the box to hide unused/flex NICS doesn’t happen on the fly to existing profiles.

It would require the Servers to be powered off and be running NIC Firmware that supports this.

Understand that with VC 4.10, this is done by CLP:

An example of the CLP strings used to configure all 4 PFs, with only 1 in use. (behavior prior to 4.10)

"set netport1 OEMHP_LF0="E;1;68b5996f6a2c;1000;10000;10000;;enabled""
"set netport1 OEMHP_LF1="E;1;68b5996f6a2d;1001;0;0;disabled;disabled""
"set netport1 OEMHP_LF2="E;1;68b5996f6a2e;1002;0;0;disabled;disabled""
"set netport1 OEMHP_LF3="E;1;68b5996f6a2f;1003;0;0;disabled;disabled""

With VC 4.10, the D option was added which is interpreted as do not enumerate. So the CLP strings have to be written to the Server in order for the NIC/FW to read this and not enumerate it.

"set netport1 OEMHP_LF0="E;1;68b5996f6a2c;1000;10000;10000;;enabled""
"set netport1 OEMHP_LF1="D;1;68b5996f6a2d;1001;0;0;disabled;disabled""
"set netport1 OEMHP_LF2="D;1;68b5996f6a2e;1002;0;0;disabled;disabled""
"set netport1 OEMHP_LF3="D;1;68b5996f6a2f;1003;0;0;disabled;disabled""

VC 4.10 was included with SPP 2013.09.0 which means the FW/Driver sets for the NICs are in this also (NCDE 10.80)


If you only checked the box on the Server profile to hide and did not update the driver/fw for the NIC and power the Server off, it will still be enumerated and shown in the O/S.




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