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Is there a customer viewable VCD_UNIQUE_ID?

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Is there a customer viewable VCD_UNIQUE_ID?

A question from Robert:




I am working an issue with a customer where he had multiple enclosures that would not complete checkpointing.  What we found was that they had cloned one VC domain to another enclosure using restore from backup, ignore serial number.  This can apparently cause problems when there is no path for the tap0 interface between management VC modules, as in no stacking links between them. 


The parameter that I check to see if the VC domain was cloned can be located in the cliq.xml file.  Specifically the ‘VcD_f90735b814f5’ value from the output below.  Note the ‘config_domain_name’ is “kyloubcl08_vc_domain”.  This value is the VC domain name as can be seen in the VCM.  The output below is actually from the cloned enclosure.  The parent enclosure for lack of another term has the same ‘VcD_f90735b814f5’ value, but the ‘config_domain_name’ is “kyloubcl09_vc_domain”.


- <target>

- <instance>

  <ufit ufct="vwc" instance="0">/vwc</ufit>


- <properties>






  <credential />

  <mod_time />


  <config_vcm_ip_addr />

  <config_vcm_ip_netmask />

  <config_vcm_ip_gateway />

  <primary_enclosure_id>SGH150M250 slice=0</primary_enclosure_id>













My customer wants to verify that all of his VC domain enclosures are unique.  He has found that by using HPSIM, he can get the information listed in the screenshot below, but cannot find the VCD_UNIQUE_ID anywhere in the CLI or VCM.  He confirmed that this value is indeed identical on both the “kyloubcl08_vc_domain” and the “kyloubcl09_vc_domain”.




Does anyone have any ideas where an administrator can find this parameter value without having to extract from HPSIM?




Chris replied:




Not sure where VCM stores that information.  If it’s not in the cliq.xml file from the Support Dump, I wonder where SIM gets it from within VCM.  You may be able to create a custom SIM report to gather that information from the DB, as long as SIM has inventoried all of their target VC Domains.  Otherwise, you are left to getting the Support Dump from each domain (I would use VCSU to script it.)




Reply from Robert:




Thanks, Chris.  That is the problem.  All of his VC domains have not been inventoried. 




Other comments or questions?

Michael Leu
Honored Contributor

Re: Is there a customer viewable VCD_UNIQUE_ID?

curl -sk https://<OA>/xmldata?item=all | grep -e vcmDomainName -e vcmDomainId