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Is this Virtual Connect (VC) Flexible Fabric config legal

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Is this Virtual Connect (VC) Flexible Fabric config legal

Lisa had a customer question regarding a VC config:






Customer has a BL460 G8 and BL460 G9


Chassis has            Bay 1 – Flex Fabric 20/40        Bay 2 – Flex Fabric

                                Bay 3 – Flex Fabric 20/40          Bay 4 – Flex Fabric


Blades they inherited and wish to put into this environment are both BL460 G8 and G9s with a 2-port 8GB FC HBA in MEZZ 1.     That is what they had.    Can these blades with physical HBAs tie directly into the flexible fabric 20/40 modules in bays 3-4.      Traditional way would be to put a flex-nic in mezz 1 and carve out a flexible hba.  However, since these blades already have an HBA in mezz 1, is it legal to use a physical HBA instead of a flexible HBA? 

The cookbook only shows examples with flex-hbas and not physical hbas.   The quickspecs only list flex-nics as being supported and not physical dual ported HBAs?   So – can you go …


Mezz1------qlogic HBA--------bays 3 and 4----------FC GBIC on a FlexFabric 20/40




Reply from Will:




My suspicions were correct.  You will see from the pic below, even though these are FlexFabric 10Gb/24-ports, the blade has a 2-port HBA (QMH2572) installed in Mezz1 and it’s reporting an IO Mismatch: