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LOM and MEZ Question....

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LOM and MEZ Question....


We have a 2 x BL620c G7 with slightly different mezzine card configurations


1st blade (which I will name 07) has one Mezz card for HBA


2nd blade (which I will name 08) has two Mezz cards Ether and HBA


I have attached the port mapping and vc profile for each.


Blade 07 has the configuration I want.. using LOMs


Blade 08 has the configuration I don't want... using LOMs and MEZ


Can anyone tell me why port 5 on 08 is connecting to MEZ and not LOM as per 07.


Make sense ?


I have attached some pictures for your review





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Re: LOM and MEZ Question....



The working server profiles 07 are reflected with the below information :

Port 5 > LOM 1-b > Bay1

Port 6 > LOM 2-b > Bay2


In the 08 Profile, the VC profiles has taken the 1-a to 4-a Flex adapters then its showing for Mez2:1 > bay5. Relative order of the Ethernet port on the server receiving the profile. System board NICs are first in the order, followed by NICs on mezzanine cards. See "iSCSI and FCoE port assignments (on page 144 )" and " Bandwidth assignment
(on page 146)." Refer guide page 155


If you like to have LOM 1-b, LOM 2-b reflecting, go ahead & add more connections, once the MEz adapters are done, you should see the onboard LOM, then delete the non required adapters.




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