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Legacy C7000 chassis with CX4 module

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Legacy C7000 chassis with CX4 module

We have a legacy C7000 chassis with CX-4 Module and I wanted to know that if I could take two CX4 ports  in an LACP fashion to to configure 20Gb.  The CX4 ports on legacy C7000 with be connecting to HP 5120 swtiche with 2-Port CX4 Module.





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Re: Legacy C7000 chassis with CX4 module

Which Module do you have? CX4 is a connection type, not the name of an individual module.

In the OA, look in the upper left corner for Firmware Summary and click that.
Then scroll to the very bottom to find the interconnects.
That will contain the proper name of the modules as well as what firmware version they are in case that factors into the answer.

If your Module is a Virtual Connect 1/10 G with 2 CX4s on the same VC Module, then yes you can LACP them together.
If you have the 1/10-F or Flex-10 with 1 CX4 per module (2 for the entire enclosure), then No, you cannot do Port Channels/LACP LAGs across 2 VC modules.