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Limiting Virtual Connect bandwidth to a single blade

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Limiting Virtual Connect bandwidth to a single blade

Torbjorn had an interesting customer question:




I have a customer who asked me a question I didn’t really know how to answer today.


This customer is a service provider selling both virtual and physical machines. They are using VC FF and BL460c Gen8s. For their physical machines they are selling BW “as a service” and would like to limit the maximum bandwidth available to the server. With older (pre 4.01 VC) they would just create their FlexNIC1 and 2 to the bandwidth requested by the customer, and create a “dummy” FlexNIC3 and 4 filling/locking up the remaining bandwidth. The VC 4.01 and later they are no longer able to set a maximum on the FlexNIC interface, only minimum.


Both physical and virtual servers shared the same network, so limiting in the VC Network is not an option.



Anyone had this question pop up? If so, did you find a solution?




Reply from Mark:




It was specifically added to the VC User Guide to discuss pre- 4.01 behavior and how to cap Max. You may want to review this information and test to determine if it works for your solution.





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