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Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) questions with FlexFabric

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Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) questions with FlexFabric

Stefan had a customer uestion regarding errors they were seeing on VC FlexFabric:




Network team was seeing  errors in the log until LLDP was disabled on the port. Could you get us a explanation of what is the correct setting for LLDP when connected to a Flex module. Up until this setting was altered the port was trying to negotiate FCoE traffic hence the issue we saw on one module where it was downed by the Nexus 55K




Question from Hoa:

VC supports LLDP IEEE industry standard.     Was the Nexus setup for LLDP or CDP?


And Mark had a question:

The real question is are they trying to use FCoE or not. I can’t assume what they are trying to accomplish.

LLDP and dcbx is the mechanism to negotiate some of the capabilities for FCoE.

If this is not FCoE and just Ethernet, then LLDP is not a requirement when connected to VC.




Other comments or questions?