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Looking for "appropriate" switch to Uplink to from Flex-10 module (at 10Gbe)

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Looking for "appropriate" switch to Uplink to from Flex-10 module (at 10Gbe)

Hi everyone, hoping I can get some help/pointers.


I'm trying to firm up a solution revolving around a c7000 with 4 x BL685 G6's, two Flex-10 modules & two VC-FC modules (likely 20-port 8Gb).


What I'm struggling with is info about suitable Cisco switches to uplink to, and what modules/cables that'd require.


We currently run 3 x 3750G & 2 x 3750 (100Mb, for iLO) switches in a stack and I'm looking to integrate with this, so ideally want/need Cisco switches to uplink to.


Research has led me to the C4900M series which look extremely flexible and fairly reasonably priced (in comparison to a 3750G-48). Is this a suitable switch to uplink to or would it "not work"? Assuming the switches are in the same datacentre and within, say 10 racks distance, what sort of modules/cabling would I need to get from the Flex-10 module to the two new switches?


I have searched far and wide for anyone using this combo but so far the only range of (Cisco) switches I've seen referred to are the Nexus which I fear are out of our price-range (and so would scupper the project in favour of DL585's which I'm trying desperately to avoid!).


Any advice/pointers would be extremely appreciated!





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Re: Looking for "appropriate" switch to Uplink to from Flex-10 module (at 10Gbe)



I just saw a question in the internal support group about connecting to the Cisco C4900M switch and didn't see any issues.


Here is the link to the cables and modules options that work with the VC Flex-10 module:


The following QuickSpec links contain the cable and modules that work with the fibre channel  modules.


And here is the linkfor the VC-FC 8Gb/20-port  module QuickSpecs.


And the VC-FC 8Gb/24-port module


There should be any problems in connect the VC modules to the C4900M switch. Let us know if you have any problems.