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MIBs for Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules.

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MIBs for Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules.

Taha had a Virtual Connect Management question:




Hi All,


I have a customer who would like to monitor his VC FlexFabric modules via OpenView Nework Node Manager (NNM) and Openview Operations Manager (OVO). Is this possible??? Do we have any SNMP mibs for these???





Multiple responses:




Michael responded:




Hi Taha,

Is that what you’re looking for ?

especially the latest release may help you :




Jim also responded with info:






The SNMP configuration is controlled by the Virtual Connect Manager and applies to all modules in the VC domain. The SNMP agent software module residing on a primary module provides access to managed information using SNMP protocol. Basic SNMP support is provided for both the VC-Enet module and the VC-FC module.


Also note that OVO integrates with SIM.






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Mohamed Younus Shariff
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Re: MIBs for Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules.



Please share the mib for c7000 onboard administrator.