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MSA2050 ISCSi connection to Virtual connect


MSA2050 ISCSi connection to Virtual connect


I have a new MSA 2050 (ISCSI Only controllers) and want to connect directly to the the two Virtual connect exist in the c7000 Blade chassis.

I want to Mapp Iscsi LUN from That MSA 2050 device to specific VM (Veeam).

My questions:

What is the best practise for Physical connectivity?

for example each virtual connect have two cables , each cable is directly connected to one port on one of the storage controller?

Do I have to configure the two cables from the same virtual connect as Link aggregated for high availability and better performence. how to do that Link aggregation?

Which type of connection to use Fabric or ethernet?

After adding the connection to the Virtual connect , Do Ihave to enter every server profile and add this new connection?

I have the following answer from HPE Pro from MSA Prespective , I need your recommendation from Virtual connect prespective:


I will try to answer the query from MSA storage perspective.

Any one with virtual connect expertise can answer other queries.

The best practice for physical connectivity is A1 , A2 ports (any two host ports of ontroller A) to one virtual connect and B1 , B2 ports (any two host ports of controller B)to another virtual connect.

If virtual connect does not have enough free uplink ports the recommended physical conenctivity would be A1 to one virtual connect and B1 to another virtual connect.

I would not suggest using Link aggregation. Load balancing will occur at controller host port level using the multipathing policy set on host server.

Volume is owned by a single controller in MSA and data traffic will happen only through owning controller host ports as long as owning controller host port path/controller is up.

Could you elaborate on this question?

Which type of connection to use Fabric or ethernet?

If you are referring to fibre channel connection using 10Gb iscsi SFP or DAC ethernet cable. You may choose either of them and should not make any difference. Ensure that which ever connection type is being used is supported by virtualconnect."




Re: MSA2050 ISCSi connection to Virtual connect

Can any one help Please??!!!!!


Re: MSA2050 ISCSi connection to Virtual connect


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I think in the last post, your query already answered.

Please follow the below documents for more clarification.

I hope the above link will help you.

Please let me know for further assistance.

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